Introducing Japanese Premium Sakes Exclusive at Serenity Seafood!

Metoba Junmai Daigingo 300ml
Metoba Junmai Gingo 300ml
Metoba Yamahai Junmai 300ml
Mizuo Tokubetsu Junmaishu Kinmon 300ml

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Premium Santa Barbara Ensui Uni 100g (No Preservatives)

Imagine you are on the coast of Santa Barbara, watching fishing boats unloading the freshest and best live sea urchins in the world; at this moment, there is a box of Ensui Uni at the table, and you can immediately experience the taste of eating live sea urchins. Serenity's other sashimi grade seafood are a perfect match! Having another glass of Japanese sake, which is absolutely unavailable in the market, the Metoba Juneau Daiginjo. Do you feel the happiness brought by the food?


Hirame & Engawa

In the hot summer, everyone's appetite diminished a little. Let's get a refreshing plate of sashimi to cool off the heat. In order to maintain the charm of the food, we found a light and refreshing delicious fish pairing - Japanese Halibut.

The fins of halibut are strong and delicious due to their active movements. Aburi engawa has a fresh and sweet oily taste.
In terms of taste enjoyment, it can be regarded as a level of evolution.