Our Story

Serenity Seafood was founded in Seattle back in 2017. Our mission is to let seafood lovers all around the world enjoy locally harvested freshness from Seattle. We export Dungeness Crabs, Geoduck and Pink Scallops harvested and handled by local fishermen. In recent years we also see the potential demand of seafood from other regions such as Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe and Spiny Lobster. Our Sea Urchin is produced in Santa Barbara which is the highest quality Sea Urchin in north America. We distribute our products to a select number of restaurants across the west coast and now we are delivering straight from the dock to your table.


Serenity Seafood Inc. 2020年10月底才剛成立的海鮮公司,其中一位老闆是從事海鮮進出口貿易的。一次偶然他在臉書上看到人在詢問哪裡能買得到好吃的海膽、生魚片,以此契機我們開始了提供高品質海鮮產品的服務。從最初的海膽到現在各種玲瑯滿目的海鮮總共12種品項,在疫情不方便出門用餐的期間滿足了一個個饕客的胃。我們的海膽生產基地位在加州聖塔芭芭拉,明媚的陽光,溫暖乾淨的水域醞釀出得天獨厚的鮮甜滋味。每一顆海膽都是漁民們親手捕撈,送到加工廠後由匠人們手工取肉,可以說每一片海膽都得來不易。未來我們除了各類頂級海鮮,也將會拓展到其他高檔頂級的食材,像是日本和牛、魚子醬、鮮活帝王蟹等。我們的目標是讓所有的客人不用出門就能在家享受高級日本料理店的食材。